~ Seer ~ Healer ~ Mystic ~

~ Seer ~ Healer ~ Mystic ~ Cristine Fireheart

Spiritual Life-Path Counseling with Psychic Medium And Reiki Master/Teacher Rev. Cristine Fireheart

Mediumship, Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulum dowsing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing


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E-mail, live phone or video, and recoded video readings available! See the Readings page for more info!



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In-Person Readings

Who will you read for?

Any adult with an open mind (no minors please). No person found to be excessively inebriated will be read.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask pretty much any question, as long as it doesn't invade someone else's privacy. If you don't have a specific question, ask for a general message and see what the cards have to say.

Just remember that the cards don't tell you what to do, but they tell you where to look for your answers. And if you don't like what they say, you have the free will to change it.

Private Readings

In Person Readings can be scheduled in your home, or in a quiet public place convenient for both of us. Please remember that I am in the Bristol TN/VA area and a long drive may result in a travel surcharge of $.40/mile.

Private readings start at $90/hour. I will read for 2 separate people for 30 minutes each if you desire.

Please me to schedule your reading.

Psychic Parties

Are you having a party? Want it to be the party talked about at every party thereafter?

Have a Psychic Party!

You provide the space, food and drink, and the guests, and I'll bring the Spirits (not the alcoholic kind!)

What is a Psychic Party?

Simple, really. You invite open-minded, curious people for an evening of fun entertainment. I bring my cards and Spirit Guides.

What kind of events will you do?

I will do all kinds of events; birthdays, retirements, showers, reunions, Mardi Gras, masquerade, Halloween/Samhain... I am also happy to work with fundraisers for mutual benefit.

What do you charge?

The cost of a 15 minute reading or healing is $30.00; Party minimum $300 (five 30 minute readings/ten 15 minute readings, or any combination thereof). Please let me know if you have a postcard or business card special.

How do we pay?

There is a $100 deposit due to hold your date, but I'm pretty flexible. The host/hostess can collect from participants up front and pay ahead of time, or collect at the door and pay me at the end of the party; participants can pay me directly by cash or credit card by PayPal at the time of their reading; or, you can prepay with PayPal for a set number of participants. If you'd like to make some other arrangements please contact me and we'll work something out.

When can I have a party?

Whenever you want - within reason of course. Have an idea when you'd like to have your party, with an alternate date, and I'll do my best. First come, first served. Exceptions may be made for holidays and special occasions; Halloween and Mardi Gras parties will require a deposit; some weekends may be blocked out for psychic faires and new age expos.

What do you need?

A quiet, private place for a small table and a couple of chairs.

What else should I know?

Psychic Parties are fun, but they are not a joke. Please make sure that all of your guests understand the nature of my participation.

So, what do the rest of us do while people are being read?

That's up to you. Have a movie on, like The Dead Zone, The Sixth Sense, Frighteners, The Gift, or even Ghost. DVD or Netflix Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. Do you know someone who is a Massage Therapist? Have them over to offer their services also. I only ask that no Ouija boards be used.

If you can't find something that works for you, please let me know, I'm sure we can work something out. If you have any issues at all, don't hesitate to email me: