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Animal Reiki

Connecting to the Animal World: Reiki, Stress and Our Animal Companions

As seen in the December 2007 issue of Light Bridges Journal.

*** ADVISEMENT: If your pet is ill or injured, call your veterinarian immediately. ***

Animals of all kinds share our homes, our lives, and our planet, yet their emotional and spiritual needs often go unacknowledged and unfulfilled.

For instance, people often research the physical needs of a pet they choose, but don't understand the social and emotional needs of the animal. This can lead to a very stressful situation, with both human and animal frustrated. Working breeds of dogs, caged 'pocket' pets, and large birds often suffer from stress related to the nonfulfillment of purpose.

Other examples include environmental upsets like divorce, a new baby, an older child leaving for college, or the loss of a loved human or animal companion. Situations as mundane to us as having company, parties, remodeling, moving, or changing jobs can be highly stressful to our pets, who simply don't understand or like change.

Wild animals suffer from a whole different set of stressors. Competition for food, mates and territory; being hunted; loss of habitat; and social pressures for pack or herd animals are among the most common.

Zoo or sanctuary animals straddle both worlds, sharing our stresses, and from loss of freedom and possibly boredom stemming from frustration of basic instincts like breeding and hunting. Symptoms of stress are often expressed as pacing, excessive grooming, and self mutilation. Quality facilities take these factors into account and use diverse enrichment to enhance the lives of the animals under their care, including more natural habitats, family groups, and feeding techniques.

We understand the effect that stress has on our bodies and minds; lowered immune response; increased susceptibility to sickness; higher risk of digestive and heart conditions; depression and rage are at the top of the list.

Stress affects our animal companions in very similar ways. They absorb all of our issues and dysfunctions and don't have the release of tears. They cannot cry or scream; instead they frequently manifest behavioral problems. Physical symptoms are also often preceded by emotional trauma or prolonged stress.

Physical illness itself is stressful. Animals instinctively hide their illnesses or injuries as weaknesses. A sick or weakened animal is prey for the strong and vital. While our companions are safe with us and knowing when they are sick would be beneficial, millennia of instinct is insuppressible.

If you believe that your pet is suffering from stress related problems, vibrational healing will help, but you should endeavor to get to the heart of the matter and cure its cause, whether it's social, environmental, or medical. Make an appointment with your holistic veterinarian, behaviorist, nutritionist or intuitive communicator.

Remember, your pet doesn't have to be ill or upset to have a treatment, treating a healthy animal will help them stay healthy. Preventative treatments will help clear emotional problems (such as stress) before they manifest as physical or behavioral problems. Don't expect a miraculous turn around, chances are that the symptoms didn't appear overnight; give Reiki time to heal from the inside out.

Reiki is one of a handful modalities that are uniquely helpful with relieving stress and restoring balance to the furry loves of our lives. Flower Essences, EFT, crystal healing, aromatherapy, and color and sound therapies are other helpful non-invasive methods.

Animals are much more comfortable in their own environments; think how stressed most become at the veterinarians. One of the main purposes of vibrational healing is to treat stress, the last thing we want to do is create more. Having a practitioner that makes house-calls is a big plus, or better yet, consider becoming attuned yourself. What better way to relieve your pets' stress, as well as your own?

Some animals balk at Reiki the first time it is offered because they are unaccustomed to being given a choice, an active roll in their own healing and lives. Reiki should always be done with the recipient, not to them. Permission should always be asked of the animal, whether companion or wild, and their wishes respected.

Even if you are not an animal intuitive or communicator, they will make their acceptance (or not) clear. Acceptance behaviors will include lying down, grooming, general relaxation or curiosity; rejection behaviors will include moving as far away as possible from the healer, agitation, or in the extreme, even aggression.

If the animal in question does refuse for whatever reason, don't force the issue, simply thank the animal and send Reiki to the situation later on. Don't be discouraged, give them another chance the next day or next week to accept, perhaps they were having a bad day, or were simply surprised to be consulted.

"Hands-On" Reiki doesn't actually have to be hands-on, especially for animals. As long as the Practitioner is within the energetic field of the recipient and can receive direct information from the ethereal bodies, "In-Person" is perfectly suitable.

Hands-On Reiki is most helpful for physical issues, symptoms which have manifested in the physical body; I have had great results treating arthritis, abscesses, post-surgical pain, and even in easing labor and delivery.

Reiki treatments before and after necessary conventional medical procedures not only gives Reiki benefits, but will increase the effectiveness of and decrease the side effects of those treatments. Reiki in addition to natural, acupuncture or homeopathic treatments only increases the benefits.

Occasionally Hands-On Reiki can be too energetic for some animals; it's like RLS all over. Distance Reiki is recommended for animals who either just can't sit still or appear to be "ticklish".

Distance Reiki works on a different level of being than Hands-On Reiki, it concentrates on the mental or conscious and emotional levels of the animal's (or human's) being. This is a wonderful way to treat animals who are stressed or traumatized. Pets boarding at an unfamiliar place; who have to stay overnight at the veterinarians (especially because of surgical procedures that we can't explain and that they don't understand); who's loved human is away on business; or one who has lost a beloved animal or human companion are very good candidates for Distance Reiki.

Even animals who aren't under your direct care can benefit from Distance Reiki sessions. You may wish to have Reiki sent to the neighbor's dog who barks all day from separation anxiety, or to a cat down the street who is let out every night to prowl around the neighborhood. Don't be too specific in your intentions; a behavior problem might be better addressed by sending healing to the situation that has caused the stress in the animal's environment.

For injured, timid, aggressive, or exotic animals, this type of Reiki treatment is perfect. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. You will not be doing the aggressive or fearful animal any favors by putting yourself in a position to be injured. It can also be helpful for behavioral problems, such as feather plucking in birds.

If you run a doggie day-care, overnight/extended stay boarding facility, rescue, sanctuary, rehab, veterinarian's office, pet store, kennel or cattery, Vibrational Remedies can help keep the environment soothing and stress-free for the animals in your care.

Animals cannot tell us where it hurts in words; we have to listen more carefully to our instincts and intuition. Animals themselves are our best teachers.

Animals are the natural healers of our souls. They are there for us when we are sick, depressed or just need a friend. They love unconditionally and ask for only love in return. Stroking a cat or playing with a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase endorphins, making our lives longer and more enriched. Offering them Healing is the least we can do.

Animals are the Spiritual Connection between Humans and Nature. We owe it to them to do our best to give them the best lives possible. With Love, Compassion, and Reiki, we are well on our way to connecting with their, and our, Highest and Best.

Love and Light,

Rev. Cristine