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~ Seer ~ Healer ~ Mystic ~ Cristine Fireheart

Spiritual Life-Path Counseling with Psychic Medium And Reiki Master/Teacher Rev. Cristine Fireheart

Mediumship, Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulum dowsing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing


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Animal Reiki

Remember, your pet does not have to be ill or upset to have a Reiki treatment, treating a healthy animal will help them stay healthy. Preventative treatments will help clear emotional problems (such as stress) before they manifest as physical problems.

Read my article, "Connecting to the Animal World: Reiki, Stress and Our Animal Companions".

Hands-On or In Person Reiki

Hands-On Reiki is most helpful for physical issues, symptoms which have manifested in the physical body; I have had great results treating arthritis, abscesses, post-surgical pain, and even in easing labor and delivery. Reiki of either type (Hands-On or Distance) can be helpful for behavioral problems also, such as feather plucking in birds.

I will come to your house and treat your pet or pets at your convenience. Animals are much more comfortable in their own environments, think how stressed most become at the veterinarians. One of the main purposes of Reiki healing is to treat stress, the last thing we want to do is create more.

"Hands-On" Reiki does not actually have to be hands-on, especially for animals. As long as the Practitioner is within the energetic field of the recipient and can receive direct information from the ethereal bodies, "In-Person" is perfectly suitable. For timid, aggressive, or exotic animals, this type of Reiki treatment is perfect.

First appointments are for 45 minutes minimum, which includes a bit of getting to know your animal and a 30 minute treatment. Subsequent treatments are for 30 minutes minimum. Extended treatments are in 15 minute increments.

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki works on a different level of being than Hands-On Reiki, it concentrates on the Emotional Level of the animal's (or human's) being. This is a wonderful way to treat animals who are stressed or traumatized. Pets boarding at an unfamiliar place; who have to stay overnight at the veterinarians (especially because of surgical procedures that we can't explain and that they don't understand); who's loved human is away on business; or one who has lost a beloved animal or human companion are very good candidates for Distance Reiki.

Even animals who aren't under your direct care can benefit from Distance Reiki sessions. You may wish to have Reiki sent to the neighbor's dog who barks all day from separation anxiety, or to a cat down the street who is let out every night to prowl around the neighborhood.

Standard Distance Reiki sessions are 15 minutes. Tell me when your pet or pets will probably be at rest, and an approximate location. Distance healing doesn't have to be sent to your home, if your pet is at the Veterinarian's or boarding overnight for instance. Distance healing can be sent to any animal anywhere, as long as I have the animal's name and approximate location (city or town and state is sufficient). It's a bonus if you can provide a photo.

If you would like to be included in our "Reiki Box", click to send me an e-mail. Place "Reiki Box" in the subject line. Include the name of the Animal or Person, their general complaint, and your relationship to them.

A strip of paper with your info on it will be placed into a small wooden box with the Reiki symbols on it (the "Reiki Box") and Reiki will be sent to everyone in The Box nightly. Of course, Reiki will be sent to the Animal or Person's 'Highest and Best', and permission will be asked of the Animal or Person's Higher self.

When The Box gets full, a layer of the strips will be taken off the bottom and ceremonially burned, sending appropriate Blessings with them to Spirit.

All information will be kept in the strictest of confidentiality, and you will NOT be contacted by Connections Reiki or anyone associated with us for any other reason. If you wish to be on our Announcements mailing list, please send a separate e-mail with "Join Mailing List" in the subject line to the address above. If you would like to join our Discussion mailing list or our Reiki Requests mailing list, there is a link to that in the footer of each page.

Animal Facilities

I would be more than pleased to come to any local Animal Related Facility to do Healings. If you run a doggie day-care, overnight/extended stay boarding facility, rescue, sanctuary, rehab, veterinarians office, pet store, kennel or cattery, please call or e-mail me to make arraignments. I can come and work in-environment with the animals, or if you are out of my area, I can do an extended distance session for your whole facility.